Centrifugal Fan

Unique air heavy duty centrifugal fan available for high static pressure up to 200 mm & capacity up to 300,000 CFM. It's backward & forward curve blade suitable for low noise & high pressure application, design & supply for ventilation, air-conditioning filtration & conveying system. 

Semi Central Unit

Semi-central unit having capacity of 12,500 CFM, 15,000 CFM & 25,000 CFM with water evaporation capacity of 120 Ltr/hr., 225 Ltr/hr., 350 Ltr/hr. respectively. Specially use where space & flexibility is a problem. It saves capital cost & power cost & gives efficiency of evaporation up to 92%.

Tube Axial Flow Fan

Tube Axial Flow Fan consist aero foil design & variable blade angle. Works with S.P. up to 60 mm of WG. & ranges from 5000 CFM to 90,000 CFM. Specially designed for High RPM with Low "Power Consumption" Most suitable for humidification, ventilation & industrial air-conditioning.

Spot Humidifier

It is a compact humidifier unit having 3/4 H.P. 2880 RPM available in 440/220V 50Hz AC supply. Requires 40 lit. of water per hr., With 2500 CFM. Very low maintenance & power costs. Parts are made from S.S., Copper & Aluminum metals.

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